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Recent studies on Beetroot juice has shown improved performance up to 20% in amateurs and up to 10% in professional athletes. Beetroot extract is one of several equally important ingredients in ENDURANCE+BEETROOT so if you think Beetroot juice works good for you, then you have to give ENDURANCE+BEETROOT a try. To make you extra motivated we give you 50% of on the first box!

Here’s how they work, the world’s best-selling dietary supplement for athletes!

The Beetroot contains Nitrate which in the body is converted to Nitrite which in turn is converted to Nitric Oxide (N.O.). There are 3 substances that the body can form N.O. from and they are L-Arginine, L-Citrullin and Nitrate. ENDURANCE+BEETROOT contains them all.

ENDURANCE+BEETROOT was developed by a research team at the University Hospital in Uppsala just over 14 years ago. They were inspired by the discovery that was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998. The Nitrate found in BEET ROOT, L-Arginine and L-Citrullin are the only 3 “building blocks” of N.O. that science know of and ENDURANCE+BEET ROOT contains all three of them. The classic Rhodiola rosea extract, sometimes called the Viking root, boost the N.O. level and pre workout supplement shall always contain Magnesium och Vitamin-C.

Beetroot juice and L-Arginine supplements are absolute top sellers among athletes all over the world since they are believed to improve endurance and recovery. If you like any of these two supplements, you will love the combination of them. ENDURANCE+BEET ROOT with its combination is quite unique.

The oxygenation, recovery and endurance

The blood is the transport system for nutrition and oxygen to all the cells of the body. At the same time, lactic acid and waste products should be transported away from the muscle cells.

Your sports performance is entirely dependent on your physical ability. But whether you are already superfit, like some of our Ironman and Triathlon athletes, or practice sports one or two days per week, we believe ENDURANCE+BEETROOT will make a difference for you. If you are 30 and over, we think it is especially important with supplements like ENDURANCE+BEETROOT and Beetroot juice.

The recovery is crucial to how often and hard, you’ll be able to practice without starting a deterioration of your body. When we are stiff and sore and having joint pain, we always come to think of massage, liniment and stretching. Have you ever thought that they are only different ways to get your blood circulation started to improve the mobility of muscles and joints?