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What determines your performance and recovery ability is how effective your blood circulation is in transporting oxygen and nutrition to all of your body’s cells.

This transport system consists of three parts which is heart, lungs and bloodvessels. Blood vessels are adversely affected as we age, which means that performance and recovery ability go down even though the heart and lungs may be as healthy as when you were 25. Blood vessels are kept elastic and clean from plaque by the nitric oxide molecule

ENDURANCE+BEETROOT is unique in its composition and is entirely focused on helping your body to increase the N.O. (Nitric Oxide) level in the bloodstream.

We have developed ENDURANCE+BEETROOT for 15 years and now we think it is close to perfect. Each tablets contains the aminoacids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline which, together with the Nitrate from beetroot, are the building blocks for N.O. (Nitric Oxide). Rhodiola rosea, or the “Viking root” is a very important substance and all these substances combined make ENDURANCE+BEETROOT a unique pre and post workout product. Magnesium and Vitamin-C are self-evident ingredients for recovery.

L-Arginine is probably one of the most well-documented amino acids and we recommend anyone who is interested in sports and health to look up and read more about this incredibly important and exciting aminoacid.

L-Citrulline is the second aminoacid the body uses to form N.O. but it is first converted to L-Arginine and then the body can produce N.O.

Beetroot fits perfectly in ENDURANCE+BEETROOT because it contains nitrate which is also converted to N.O. in the body. That is why Beetroot juice has become so popular among all types of athletes around the world.

Beeing fit, what is that?

Beeing fit is an individual’s stamina and recovery ability and it is entirely dependent on the capacity of the heart and lungs capacity to transport oxygen and nutrition to all cells of the body. The recovery depends on how fast the body can remove lactic acid and waste products from the muscles. The function of the bloodstream is thus absolutely crucial to the result and therefore the condition of the blood vessels is extremely important if the heart shall be able to effectively pump around oxygen and nutrition in the body.

Movement is good for rigid joints as your bloodflow is kept up.

When we are sore and have aching muscles, our thoughts often go to massage. If we have a sore elbow for example, we rubb around the joint to make it less painful.

In fact, massage is just one way of many to get blood circulation going. Poor blood circulation in the muscles makes you feel stiff, and poor blood circulation in an inflamed joint makes it difficult for the inflammation to heal. In other words, a well-functioning blood circulation is crucial for healing after hard training.

Where is ENDURANCE+BEETROOT produced?

ENDURANCE+BEETROOT is manufactured in Sweden, which ensures highest quality.

What does a tablet contain and how do I dose it?

A box of ENDURANCE+BEETROOT contains 90 tablets. Each tablet contains: L-Arginine (175mg), L-Citrulline(175mg), Beetroot Extract (100mg), Rhodiola rosea Extract (100mg), Magnesium and Vitamin-C.

The recommended dose is 3-4 tablets a day, distributed in the morning and evening.

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